Birds birds birds!

I *finally* went birding this past weekend with some great folks to Kankakee Sands and Willow Slough! The highlights:

Wilson’s snipe (a lifer for me!), displaying

Northern pintail

Greater yellowlegs

White-fronted geese

Pectoral sandpipers

Two brown thrashers having a calling war

About 10,000 coots

White pelican

One lonely loon

Green winged teal

Blue winged teal


Red-headed woodpecker

Eastern towhee

Greater scaup

And the usual suspects, such as American crow, common grackles, robins, killdeer, field sparrows, and Canada geese. Surprisingly, not a lot of mallards.

All in all, a great way to spend a cool, bright spring morning, and well worth the hour drive to get there.


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