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Research Interests

Biodiversity ● Ecology ● Conservation ● Genetics ● Dispersal ● Animal Behavior ● Policy



2008-2012 PhD (Natural Resources) Advisor: Olin E. Rhodes, Jr. Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University

Dissertation: The intersection of life history characteristics and anthropogenic barriers: a genetic investigation of six mammal species in Indiana

2004-2007 MSc (Natural Resources) Advisor: Stanley D. Gehrt

School of Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University (OSU)

Thesis: Mating strategies and pack structure of coyotes in an urban landscape: a genetic investigation

1998-2002 BSc (Biology), minor in German Advisor: Jodi Shann

McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, University of Cincinnati (UC)


Research Experience

2014-present Post Doctoral Research Assistant, Purdue University

Working with four primary investigators on a large, long-term forestry project, I analyzed

data, presented research, and wrote manuscripts for scientific publication and extension.

Advisor: John B. Dunning

2008-12     Graduate Research Assistant (PhD), Purdue University

I investigated the population genetics of six species of terrestrial mammals to determine extent of interstate highways as barriers to gene flow, and isolation by distance at large landscape scales for mesocarnivores. This required fieldwork in addition to molecular techniques and statistical analysis.        Advisor: Olin E. Rhodes, Jr.

2007 Field and Lab Technician, Notre Dame University

I assisted a graduate student with insect collection, field site maintenance, and molecular

biology techniques in El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico.            Advisor: Courtney Prather

2004-07     Graduate Research Assistant (MSc), The Ohio State University

Using molecular techniques in coordination with GIS data, I investigated the genetic

relationships, mating behaviors, and pack structure of coyotes in a suburban landscape. Advisor: Stanley D. Gehrt

Research Experience, cont.

2004           Contract Employee (GS-5), US Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati, Ohio

Molecular techniques, sample organization, data entry.       Supervisor: Dr. Michael Blum

2004        Volunteer, Institute for Bird Populations, Madison, Indiana

Mist-netted and banded birds, evaluated body metrics, set up stations, evaluated habitat.


2002-03     Fulbright Scholar, Vienna, Austria

Worked with grassroots agency (Distelverein) to set aside farmland for wildlife corridors,

enrolled in wildlife classes at BOKU and University of Vienna.         Advisor: Johannes Wolf

2001      Women in Science Undergraduate Research Summer Program – UC

Conducted experiments on contaminated soils to observe the effects of plant matter

on the leaching ability of heavy metals.                    Advisor: Jodi Shann

1999-2002     Student Research Assistant – UC

Field sampling, ecotoxicology and soil lab techniques, liquid and gas chromatography.

Supervisors: Jodi Shann, Heather Henry


Hennessy, C., T. Tsai, W. Beatty, J. C. Beasley, P. A. Zollner, and O. E. Rhodes, Jr. 2015. Elucidation of Population Connectivity in Synanthropic Mesopredators: Using Genes to Define Relevant Spatial Scales for Management of Raccoons and Virginia Opossums. Journal of Wildlife Management 79(1), pp. 112-121.

Fike, J.A., Hennessy, C.A.*, Kennedy, M.L., and O.E. Rhodes. 2013. Microsatellite markers for the gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) and their utility in fox squirrels (Sciurus niger) and red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus). Conservation Genetics Resources 5(3), pp. 679-681. *Corresponding author.

Beasley, J.C., Eagan, T.S., Page, L.K., Hennessy, C.A., and O.E. Rhodes. 2013. Baylisascaris procyonis infection in white-footed mice: predicting patterns of infection from landscape habitat attributes. Journal of Parasitology 99(3), pp. 423-432.

Hennessy, C.A., J. Dubach, and S.D. Gehrt. 2012. Long-term bonding and occasional den-sharing in a population of urban coyotes (Canis latrans). Journal of Mammalogy 93(3) pp. 732-742.

Hennessy, C, T. Tsai, W.S. Beatty, J.C. Beasley, P.A. Zollner, and O.E. Rhodes, Jr. Unexpected effects of drainage culvert properties on raccoon and opossum population connectivity. (In Prep)


Teaching Experience

2014 – Indiana University South Bend (IUSB) N190 – Life Sciences for Elementary Teachers

I led the lecture and lab for this course. The purpose was exposing future elementary teachers to basic tenets of science in general and biology in particular. I incorporated a range of teaching methodologies.

2014 – IUSB P262 – Anatomy and Physiology Lab – IUSB

I taught two labs per week. This entailed a 1 hour lecture to provide background on the topic, then guiding the students through dissections and identifying parts of specimens and models.

2013-4 – IUSB L101 and L102 – Biology Lab for Biology Majors – IUSB

I taught standard biology methods, while emphasizing sterile lab technique. I intensively taught writing skills within a scientific framework. I led the students on ecology-oriented field trips

2013 – IUSB N190 – Animals Among Us – IUSB

I designed an introductory zoology course for non-majors. I constructed lectures, exams, quizzes, and labs, incorporating a range of teaching styles.

2013 – IUSB N190 – Life Sciences for Elementary Teachers – IUSB

I taught two labs per week, emphasizing basic tenets of biology. Students were introduced to teaching material for science courses that are appropriate and engaging for elementary students.

2013 – FNR373 – Wildlife Practicum – Purdue

I demonstrated mist-netting and bird handling techniques to students. I aided students with visual and audible bird identification.

2011 – FNR348 – Wildlife Investigational Techniques – Purdue

I prepared specimens, graded exams, and trained students on trapping and handling techniques.

2009, 2011 – FNR488 – Global Environmental Issues – Purdue

I prepared materials for class, guided discussions and graded exams.

2006 – SENR624 – Wildlife Identification and Management – OSU

I taught lab, created and graded quizzes and exams, managed the sample collection, and assisted students with identification of wildlife sign and samples.

2004, 2005 – SENR222 – Natural Resources Data Analysis – OSU

I taught recitation and lab, graded homework, and helped students with problems.

2002-2003 – Fulbright Scholarship – Vienna, Austria

As a native speaker of English, I created novel lessons for elementary and high school students.


Professional Memberships

2004-present American Society of Mammalogists

2007-present Sigma Xi

2009-present The Wildlife Society

Journal Reviewer

Mammalian Biology

Southwestern Naturalist


Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management

Basic and Applied Ecology

Awards and Scholarships

Year(s) Amount Reason Source
2015 $500 Presenting at International Urban Wildlife Conference TWS
2012 $75 2nd place (PhD poster) FNR Annual Research Symposium Purdue
2009-10 AAAS Excellence in Science sponsored membership AAAS
2008-09 $8187 GAANN Fellowship Purdue
2007 $749 Ray Travel Award, Council of Graduate Students OSU
2007 $800 1st Place Award, E.G. Hayes Graduate Research Forum OSU
2006 Janice L. Fenske Memorial Award Finalist TWS
2005-06 $420 Poetry awards, College of Agriculture OSU
2002-03 ~$17,000 Fulbright Scholarship US govt.
2001 $3000 Women in Science and Engineering Research Fellowship UC
2000 $1000 Globalization Grant, Department of Global Studies UC
2000 $500 Helga Daly Scholarship, Department of German Studies UC


Organizer of Symposium (OS) or Invited Speaker (IS)

2013 “Behind the Scenes of Landscape Genetics: A Focus on Methodologies”. The Wildlife

Society annual meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. OS

2013 “Circulation: Anatomy and Function” Indiana University South Bend, Biology Dept. IS

2010 “Investigating Wildlife with Genetics” U. of Notre Dame, Biology Dept., Mammalogy. IS

2008 “Coyote Mating System and Pack Structure” Purdue chapter of the Wildlife Society. IS


Presentations (representational list)

2015 – Sun Grant Initiative Annual Meeting (Minneapolis, MN)

“Economic, Ecological Impacts of Woody Biomass Harvest in Deciduous Forests” paper

2015 – 75th Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference (Indianapolis, IN)

“The Effects of Downed Coarse Woody Debris on Salamanders, Moths, and Beetles: A

Forest Ecology Study in Southeastern Indiana” paper

2013 – Wisconsin Chapter of The Wildlife Society (Wisconsin Dells, WI)

“Tracking Wolf Populations Across Heterogeneous Landscapes with Genetic Models”

2012 – Environmental Sciences and Engineering Symposium (Purdue)

“Anthropogenic Barriers for Six Common Mammal Species in Indiana” poster

2012 – Department of Forestry and Natural Resources Annual Research Symposium (Purdue)

“Interstate highways as barriers to dispersal for eastern chipmunks” poster

2011 – 91st Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists (Portland, OR)

“Interstate highways as barriers to dispersal for chipmunks” poster

2010 – Indiana Chapter of the Wildlife Society Annual Meeting (Terra Haute, IN)

“Interstate highways as barriers to animal movement” paper

2007 – 68th Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference (Madison, WI)

“Coyote pack membership in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area” paper

2007 – 87th Annual American Society of Mammalogists Conference (Albuquerque, NM)

“Mating strategies of a suburban coyote population” paper

2007 – 21st Annual Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum (OSU)

“Mating strategies of a suburban coyote population” paper

2007 – 27th Annual Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference (Kent State University)

“Mating strategies of a suburban coyote population” paper

2006 – 67th Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference (Omaha, NE)

“Mating strategy of an urban coyote population” paper

2002 – Undergraduate Research Seminar, Dept. of Biological Sciences (UC)

“Movement of heavy metals through contaminated soils” paper


Grants Drafted

Year Amount Requested Funding Agency Title of Grant Status
2014 Post-doctoral Fellowship David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship (Society for Conservation Biology) Recolonization History and Contemporary Source-Sink Dynamics of Gray Wolves (Canis lupus) in the Great Lakes Region Not Awarded
2015 $15,000 Indiana Department of Natural Resources Factors of Microclimate Conditions in Bat Hibernacula: Understanding the Relationships Between Winter Habitat and Disease Ecology Submitted

Training Sessions

2012 Introduction to UNIX for Biologists – Purdue

2012 Introduction to DiaGrid and BLASTer Software – Purdue

2011 Conservation and Restoration Genetics Graduate Course – Organization for Tropical

Studies, Las Cruces, Costa Rica

2006 Publication Graphics and Data Analysis in R Workshop – ASM Meeting, Omaha, NE

2006 Conservation Leaders of Tomorrow – Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, Dundee, IL

2006 Mammalian Diversity in Ohio – OSU


2009-2011 Graduate Student Council; Faculty Liaison, Social Chair – Purdue

2006-2007 GradRoots: Hospitality Chair – OSU

2005-2006 Edward F. Hayes Research Forum: Committee Member – OSU

2005-2006 Council of Graduate Students: Senator – OSU

2005-2007     Website Improvement Committee: Grad Student Representative – OSU

Volunteer and Outreach

2014 Science fair judge at Jefferson Middle School, South Bend, Indiana

2012-2014 Bioblitz volunteer – Purdue

2013 Volunteer for Purdue Summer Practicum; bird banding and identification

2012, 2015 Volunteer with Wabash River Enhancement Corporation

2010-2014 Volunteer with Tippecanoe County Chapter of the Audubon Society

2010 Student Volunteer for Purdue U. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

2007 Volunteer at Highbanks Metropark in Columbus, OH

2007 Volunteer for Wonders of Our World (WOW); introducing scientific topics to

elementary school students, OSU

2006 Instructor for Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist Training Program

2004-2005 Volunteer for Get Real About Science, program for high school students, OSU


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